Leaders Moving Business Forward
Organizations are working to come back stronger than ever from the coronavirus pandemic and are taking steps to address racial disparities that have come to the forefront around the world. From adjusting to economic impacts to examining their corporate cultures, industry leaders are taking concrete steps to make real progress in the face of these challenges. McDermott sits down with executives who are leading the way to learn how they are implementing forward-looking strategies within their own organizations and their industries as a whole.

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Supporting Health Through Supply Chain Management

Chaun Powell, Group Vice President

Premier, Inc.

Chaun walks through Premier’s process for mitigating disruption in the healthcare supply chain, efforts to make sure Premier’s front-line workers stay healthy, why he expects supply chain management to become a greater priority for the industry and more.

Changing to Meet Today’s Needs

Kimberly Manna, CEO

Panama Jack

Kim describes how Panama Jack began making hand sanitizer to meet demand during the coronavirus pandemic, and how the lifestyle brand saw changes in consumer needs as daily lives became centered around the home and outdoors.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Karl Reid, Ed.D., Executive Director

National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE)

Karl explains how companies are responding to calls for racial justice by reviewing their policies, practices and ecosystems; conducting anti-racist training; and publishing their diversity, equity and inclusion metrics.

Listening, Reflecting and Acting

Judith Grimmer, Deputy General Counsel


Judy explains how BDO is helping clients work through the challenges presented by the pandemic and addressing social justice through recruiting, hiring and mentoring, as well as creating opportunities for open dialogue on these issues.


Sean Duffy, CEO

Omada Health

Sean shares how Omada has accelerated its mission to provide customized digital care and digital health’s imperative to address racial disparities in healthcare.


Julia Haart, CEO & Co-Owner

Elite World Group

Julia shares how Elite has reinvented the way it does business and launched a virtual agency.


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